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Learning to Fly

Unlike most species, to have the best chance of a bite by a tripletail, you need to strip the fly right into the face of the fish.

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Two fishermen work to remove a hook from the mouth of a tarpon while leaving the tarpon in the water next to the boat.

What happened to catch and release?

Catch and release used to be an accepted practice that acknowledged that fish populations are not the bottomless resource they were once thought to be.
Proper catch-and-release methods are more important now than ever.
Lately, however, a lot of posts of dead fish are appearing on social media that seem to be taken more to impress others and get likes than to provide a meal.

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Sarasota Bay Watch members and volunteers celebrate one of their 2018 clam releases. - Rusty Chinnis | Sun

Now, Working to Improve The Things That Matter Most

If you’re feeling like you are helpless in the face of the political and environmental storms that have rocked our lives recently, I would like to propose a path forward. We have the ability to help make real, positive changes that benefit our present and the future for generations to come. I have some suggestions on how to do that.

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Man holds a bonito, a type of tuna.

Hooking Up with the Fall Fish Frenzy

Shifting seasons bring welcome changes to the Gulf coast, especially those Fall fronts that are the couriers of cooling temperatures and lower humidity. The arrival of massive bait schools in the passes and along the beaches are harbingers of the king mackerel, cobia, Spanish mackerel, and little tunny that are never far behind.

While I love to fish for all these species, the little tunny (locally known as bonito) is my favorite to pursue.

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Enlightened Self Interest in the Voting Booth

There’s less than a week until election day, and regular readers of this column can probably guess how this writer will be voting.

I’ve said it more than once, but this bears repeating. I don’t consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, I vote environment.

On Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, I will be casting my vote based on research I’ve done on how the candidates have voted in the past. 

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